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Transforma consulting – a change that lasts

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, I started my career in the pharmaceutical industry where I spent 3 decades. I started as an associate, and spent the last 20 years as chief executive of the local office in Serbia. For 30 years I have worked for 4 multinational companies to which I am grateful for they have had a great impact on my development and on everything I am today.


Psychotherapy and coaching - an adventurous journey that teaches us to tolerate uncertainty

Professional diplomas and certificates:

  • Psychotherapist, OLI Center Belgrade
  • Psychological counselor, OLI Center Belgrade
  • Coaching certificate, OLI Centar Beograd
  • UPSKS (Association for Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Coaching Serbia)
  • Doctor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
  • A more detailed biography is available on Linkedin profile.
The OLI method is a psychotherapeutic (counseling and coaching) approach with a basic psychodynamic orientation.

Psychodynamics deals with unconscious processes and how they manifest in everyday behavior. This knowledge provides depth in understanding the motives that drive us and behavioral patterns.

Our perception of the past colors our present. We have sometimes created behavior patterns that we firmly hold onto today. When we formed them, it was our adaptation to the environment. Now that the environment has changed, some of these patterns remain the same and sometimes do not serve our development.