Transforma consulting – a change that lasts

Typical session is 50 minutes long.
Once a week at scheduled appointment.
If a session is canceled 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, client has no obligation to the coach. If there are less than 24 hours until the beginning of a session, client pays the full price – as if he attended the session.
The remaining time is available to the client. A session can not be extended due to delays.
It is possible if you let me know on time – 24 hours before the start of a session I will try to find a new appointment for a session that week.
Coaching conversation is completely confidential. For more information you can download the Ethics Code of Association for Psychotherapy, Counseling and Coaching of Serbia – UPSKS
No, the client decides on the number of sessions.
The personal development that is achieved during coaching has certain similarities with physical training. A personal fitness trainer will ask you what you want to achieve and will estimate your level of physical fitness at the moment. In addition there are factors like motivation, curiosity, and devotion to training. Each client is as unique as the moment in life in which they find themselves. Every relation between a client and a coach is also unique – there are no generalizations about the number of coaching sessions. Client decides on the duration of coaching.
The first step is to fill the contact form. Then I will contact you with a proposed date for the first, free 15-minute session.
I work both online and in person. I use Skype for online meetings. My Skype ID is: Pavle1965